*Automatism in art means the painter's confidence in the power of the organism to produce interesting unforeseen effects and in such a way that the chance results constitute a family of forms; all the random marks made by one will differ from those made by another, and will appear to belong together, whether they are highly ordered or not, and will show a characteristic grouping." Meyer Schapiro

Wanderwelt Series: Love on the Amalfi Coast;40x30in.; Various media: Artist marks made with charcoal, pencil, pastels, acrylic and watercolor pencils. I wanted to do a series of abstracts using the white background and to liberate the media.

Grayton Beach Memoir.
An extemporaneous abstract of a past visit to Grayton Beach, Fl.

August Abstract Landscape; 40x30;acrylic;

December Journal 11x14 inch; Acrylic

 Canto and Journal Paintings                                                                                        Instead of writing in words in a journal, I wanted to do the same but with ideographs. Each month for two years onward, I painted a large painting(30x40 and other sizes) with these made-up symbols. I did not want to indicate a reference to reality, but something spontaneous.  Free verse in paint.

   Canto refers to the Cantos poems of Ezra Pound, whose erudite poetry is nearly indecipherable except with an encyclopedia and language books.

Abstract Paintings done automatically,* I start on a blank, white canvas and create the ideographs or organic shapes or scenes.

April Journal Abstract;30x24inches;Acrylic
Instead of a white background, I used red and created two lines of ideographs instead of words.
December Abstract;55x41inches;House Acrylic Paint    Painted on the floor with cans of five colors


A. P. Champagne Art

Emergence; Diptych; Acrylic, 2017

                  River Raga

An abstract using ideographs. I had just finished painting a  plein air scene on the muddy, brown Mississippi River. Later, I  used the brown color as a background for this abstract.   Raga comes from the Indian song that has some improvisation and the river refers to their Ganges and our river, both important to the inhabitants.  1200.plus shipping

November Journl; 40x30;acrylic;
May Canto from the Canto Series. 30x36;acrylic