A. P. Champagne Art

Race and Religious Sts.;oil;20x16;2013. View of the river, and historic houses still standing, landmarked smokestacks and parked car with victim.
Bourbon and St. Peter Sts., French Quarter; 20x16; oil
Esplanade and Decatur Sts.;20x16;oil     
Royal and Mandeville Sts.;20x16; oil   Sold






A. P. Champagne Art


Rainbow Bridge, Bywater, New Orleans;oil;20x16; 11/15


Horn's Restaurant;20x16;oil;01/16.

Local popular spot for breakfast and other meals in the Marigny neighborhood. Historic building with inside walls of wide, wood boards from barges, that came downriver from up North.  The barges had to be broken up for use in construction during this time before the steamboat era.

Frady's Grocery in the Bywater. A favorite local grocery and sandwich shop.

20x16; oil

Plein air (on site) and other paintings

Moon Walk with view of levee, vessel and wharf   450. plus shipping

Royal and Sts., French Quarter; 20x16;Oil; 2015

Scene of CC's Coffee Shop Building; School buses with children, and corner art galleries.
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Commander's Palace; 20x16;oil  View of the restaurant, cemetery and art gallery